LAH Consulting is a highly specialized corporate security consulting firm with full capabilities around the world. Company founder Richard Douglas brings over 30 years of security and emergency response expertise to bear as a board Certified Protection Professional, and has gathered a team of trusted experts in a wide array of security related areas. LAH Consulting has quick and ready access to agents across the globe that specialize in fields such as: physical security, corporate security program assessment & development, executive security, ex-patriot protection, travel security, cyber security, workplace violence prevention & response, emergency management, drills & exercises, and investigations & intelligence.

Our company is committed to maintaining complete confidentiality with clients and operates with the strictest standards of legal and ethical conduct, to ensure that your needs are discreetly assessed and that you are provided with concrete, actionable advice.

As the world’s population continues to grow, so too does the number of competitors in any given market. As technology increases exponentially and finite resources become more limited, risk is ever evolving. The reality is that anyone seeking to rise to the top and achieve real success, in so doing, makes themselves a target. As best-in-class organizations have learned, you must do more than work hard to get somewhere. You have to protect what you’ve earned once you get there and at LAH Consulting, protection is our specialty. That’s why we’re still here.